Sunday, August 1, 2010

Light vs Darkness

This is has always been a theme over the ages! Night and day, summer vs winter, good and evil etc. We've heard them all but what does light vs darkness mean to me as a woman, a mother, wife and well plain old me?
For me, the differences between them are  great. It means the difference in my attitude and the attitudes of those around me. The light and dark is shown to me as the day turns into night or as a bright sky turns into a stormy one.  Each of those changes is amazing and new, clear and refreshing.  Imagine if there were always daylight? Some places in the world get like that during the year. I do not believe I could ever live there, because I need the change.
Even in my relationship I am a night owl and my husband an early bird! Yes this makes it tough, but we've worked it out over 15 years. I enjoy being up all night and sleeping in the warm sun, but there needs to be that change between the light and darkness.  I can even see the difference in our children from summer to winter, their energy levels change, their outlook, and attitudes as well. They become more active in the summer vs the winter, we all seem to change during these times. It seems that it is how we were made to live it out, to deal with the light vs the dark, warm vs cold etc.  How do you deal with these changes?
As I am writing this post I look across the room and in the corner there is a keyboard leaning against the wall. I took a photo but the flash voided out so much of what I saw! I saw the shadows over the keys cast by the light from another room, beaming into my darkened bedroom. I see the beauty of the keys and how they form a ladder of light from top to bottom. What types of things in your life bring the light vs darkness out? What type of person are you?


  1. I'm a night owl as well and really don't like waking up in the morning,
    I think the light affects us all year round, during the long summer days you want to do so much more,and winter time, you just want a blanket and a nice cosy place to wait until all these long dark evenings go away
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    have nice day

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  3. Tammy,
    I am like you, a night owl; for some reason, I am more alive at night, day time not so much. There seems to be something draining about the constant sunlight and heat here in Flordia for me.
    And the older I've gotten, the worse it gets. When I was younger, I wasn't that way.
    I suppose we are all different when it comes to light, darkness and temperature.
    Great blog today...thanks!

  4. This is a guest post by Me - Jenny from the Roberts Rock Farm....
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