Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Mayhem

Well, nothing to start off the week like a little Monday mayhem. Namely  "unauthorized account access" (to quote MSN), or "hacking" (in the vernacular) of my Hotmail account. Yippee!!  OK, tip for anyone I know. I never simply send a link; I ALWAYS have something to say, lol.  Anyway, hopefully the problem has been resolved.

In other Monday mayhem news, took DD to the eye dr.  She needs glasses. Good news, it is only for "distance" (like reading the board); bad news, she has Asperger's.The reason that is bad news: how many inches away does the work have to be before she wears/removes glasses.  Why can't she just wear them all the time?!?! I understand the eye doctor's reasoning, just see this causing undue stress. Sigh.

Have you ever had an account hacked? If so, what was the fall-out??
Have you or your child ever needed a medical device only part-time; was it confusing?

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