Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trivial Tuesday - are you smarter than a sixth grader?

First, I would like to give a great big shout-out to @mrsnotouching, who is my 100th follower; thanks!! We traded favors, lol. You'll have to ask her ... ;)

I thought we would do something fun (at least to me) today. Trivia!! Before you click and run, I got this question from www.schoolfamily.com; it is from the sixth grade curriculum. Easy peasy, no? OK, here is the question:

 If triangle ABC is similar to triangle DEF, what is the length of side EF?

  1. 12 inches
  2. 4 inches
  3. 2 inches
  4. 1 inches

What do you think? This is the honor system; no cheating :). Please leave your answer in the comments; I will post the answer this evening. Argh, the suspense!!! 

Are you smarter than a 6th grader? 


  1. Okay, Tammy...I give; I was never a math whiz! LOL, but I will give it a go and say 2".
    This is a great idea by the way, having this kind of thing on your blog.
    Hope you are doing well!


  2. Oh, man. I hope I got it right, but something tells me I didn't. I suck at math.

  3. Kat ~ you didn't leave an answer!!

  4. Lisa ~ thanks for the feedback; trying to keep it interesting!

    Jill ~ Pop back tonight to see the answer!!

  5. Oh...duh. I thought I clicked on "c" (2")

  6. Isn't it 4"? It says right on there that it is 4" from E to F

  7. LOL! I haven't got a clue! I was always crummy at math! I can figure 50% off the markdown price in my head. What more do I need to know???? :)

  8. Well, after blowing up the image so that I could see A to B was 8 and D to E was 4, I reread the question. It said similar, not exact and not 1/2...just similar. I guess I am used to everyone trying to trick me with answers instead of it being like Calculus class. So my logic is that 1/2 of A to B's 8 is 4, so if I do 1/2 of D to E's 4, then the answer will be 2.

  9. Alrighty then ladies, here is the answer. Drum roll ........

    The correct answer is c. If triangle ABC is similar to triangle DEF, then the length of side EF is 2 inches

    Thanks for playing!! :)

  10. Oh man! I officially flunk 6th grade math... but then, having a now 7th grader, I already knew this. LOL! I had to study up just to help him this past year :)

  11. I chose 2, but I was sure that I was wrong. Instead it turns out that I am a genius....er at least as smart as a 6th grader. Strangely, I'm not feeling that good about that.