Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Jan, 8, 2011 ~ that was the date of my last blog; didn't realize it had been soooo long.  I have lots on my mind & few to share it with F2F.  Hopefully, you will hang in there with me!

Since we are approaching the end of the year, it seems appropriate to bring every one up to speed on what has been happening in lovely RepMo ....   For the last year anyway.  Drum roll, please ....:

  • 3 jobs
  • 1 parent on Hospice
  • 1 child entering puberty
  • Assorted other dramas important only to me

How is that for short & sweet?  Didn't want to drive anyone away on their first visit.  I'll save that for later!! 😀

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekend Blog Hop


If you don't have a blog you can link your site, Facebook, etc. Whatever you want, it's all in fun☺

It's simple to participate, here are the rules:
  1. Please place the "Weekend Blog Hop" button in a blog post and/or on your blog somewhere. This lets us all know where to find each other!
  2. Visit at least 2 blogs on Tara's list; she is the gracious hostess of the hop.
  3. Add your name to the linky list on Tara's site so we can visit you back.
  4. Comments are optional but always appreciated.