Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Triumph & Tragedy

It's Tuesday, one day closer to the weekend.  More importantly, the last day of my children's freedom summer vacation. Yes folks, school starts tomorrow here. We have an even split -- one child (DD) is excited, one child (DS) is not.  This is not surprising because DD is 7 & DS is 16, lol. To the best of my knowledge, there is not much that is exciting for a 16 y/o male; evidently due to the resultant loss of the "cool factor" with any show of emotion.  So, back to the title of the post... A school related triumph was the successful, albeit grumpy, awakening of DD @ 7:00.  A school related tragedy was the unsuccessful awakening of DS @ the same time (or @ 7:30, 7:45, 8:45); he finally dragged himself to quasi-consciousness @ 9:15.  This is tragic simply because somebody is going to have a rude awakening (literally & figuratively) tomorrow @ 6:30AM. Sigh.

On a more personal note, my triumph which I am most exultant about: I AM EXCUSED FROM JURY DUTY!!!! Huzzah! That is all.

What are your tragedies or triumphs this week?  How do you cope with tragedy or celebrate triumph?


  1. I have neither tragedies nor triumphs this week, but traditionally we take the kids out for ice cream on the last day of summer vacation. School starts next week for us; we're mentally preparing. I dread the increase in anxiety in my kids. Meeting on Friday to talk about IEP for one kid; setting up homebound schooling services for another kid. Ice cream sounds REALLY good right now, actually!

  2. escaping jury duty is beyond awesome! good job!

  3. ahh, end of summer, where did the time go? hooray for no jury duty, although that would have made for some interesting blogging... or maybe not since you can't talk about anything...

  4. SRMM ~ I totally understand! DD was ZINGING after open house (sensory issues). Sigh

    Liz ~ I was excited! As if you couldn't tell, lol.

    2Girls ~ I would have changed the names to protect the innocent, though. Doesn't that make it OK?? lol

  5. You escaped jury duty? NICE! I wonder how you do those things so skillfully. :)

  6. yay for escaping jury duty!! :D

    i hope you have a great week!

  7. DS ~ It is a gift!! From God, that is...with this knee in a brace, thought that would be a bit of a hassle!!

    Tahereh ~ HI! thanks for dropping by!!