Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life is like a toddler's cheeseburger -- kinda

Just reflecting as I sit here watching my toddler busy himself with toddler activity. We already had an outing to the mall where we played at the indoor playground. We went on a mini jaunt around the stores- which, by the way, William's Sonoma has the cutest cupcake tin for sale this spring- it makes flower cupcakes... Toddler B and I stood by the window for about 5 minutes, staring at the cool cupcakes- I just have to have one for Easter!!!! I'm thinking Hubby wont be as enthusiastic...

Toddler B then decided it was time for a cheeseburger...

Cheeseburger- he yelled- CHEESEBURGER!!!!!

Toddler B, I explained- I don't have money for a cheeseburger right now. But, I can make you a cheeseburger when we get home.

Money? Cheeseburger? He asked...

That's right, Toddler B, we need money for a cheeseburger...

That explanation seemed to appease him for a moment...

On the way towards the mall exit, we passed by a conservative lingerie store...to which Toddler B exclaimed rather enthusiastically-


(he actually said it correctly, with a B, but I'm attempting to keep unwanted readers away who might be googling oobies with a B!)

I caught myself looking around to see who was in hearing distance...

I breathed a sigh of relief in realizing that no one was paying any attention- or at least- pretending not to pay attention....

So now, as I sit here- watching Toddler B entertain myself- I think to myself-

what a beautiful day it is here in the Northwest-

The sun is shining

The skies are blue

Toddler B is dancing and singing to another Barney song-

What more could I ask for?!!!

Oh- and about that cheeseburger-

I was able to find $2 worth of change in the car-

B and I were able to enjoy a McD's cheeseburger after all

To which he happily stated-

Yummy- cheeseburger

Yummy!- I replied, smiling at my Toddler B.

It's the cheeseburger moments that I will cherish forever-

This guest post is courtesy of Christelle @ http://belovedmama.blogspot.com where she blogs all things wife, mommy, kids, and faith. A true Southern California native, she is married to a high school history teacher from Nairobi, Kenya. Considering they met in blizzard country (Minnesota!) the two climates coming together to form a union works rather well. HA! Together, they have 3 boys ages 12, 10, and 3. Formerly, a women's ministries director, she now stays home with her 3 year old and homeschooled oldest child. She's finishing her degree in human development and intends to use it in marriage and family therapy. Join her on her bloggy journey or in twitter land at http://twitter.com/belovedmama


  1. From blizzard country, thanks! :) Nice post, and yes, the cheeseburger moments are interesting, but my toddlers frankly stripped the bun off and went straight for the meat. :)

  2. I often dig up change in the abyss to purchase the kids SMALL french fries, so I don't eat them. My did my 3 year old put on my sports bra and giggle "oobies"? Kids and their obsession with them.

  3. Jane,

    Ah bona fide carnivores!!

    MamaOnDaGo ~ ah yes, the magical oobies!!

  4. Love this story! I treasure the cheeseburger moments:)

  5. Thanks Tammy for posting this :O) This moment is one I will cherish forever...

  6. Awwww, that is sooo true! Those are the moments that we remember, & better yet, that they remember! Great post!

  7. LOL
    Enjoyed reading it.
    Yep, the cheeseburger moments are golden ;)

  8. Thanks everyone for reading my post and commenting...TOTALLY made my day :)
    Christelle @belovedmama