Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Funnies -- courtesy of the Mayor (of Crazytown, that is)

Today's guest post courtesy of the wildly amusing Crazytown Mayor; Check out her blog @ 

As The Mayor of Crazy Town, she has dozens of minions doing scut work, & protecting her from negative press. Typically, her usual press kit goes like this:

Join The Mayor of Crazy Town as she juggles 4 kids under 12, through the ups, downs, & upside downs of parenting! A tongue-in-cheek look at a day in the life of'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll run screaming to the nearest therapist. So sit back & enjoy the ride…but don’t bother trying to gnaw through the straps, it’s just not worth it most days. Someone will be around with the meds once your eyeballs start bleeding.

But that doesn’t cover my biting sarcasm, my mad skills in slinging caustic barbs, (or maybe it does…), nor, of course, my deep & abiding love for those four little rug rats of mine. Crazy Town began with the realization that I would soon be on my own…my littlest starts Kindergarten in the Fall. As the panic set in after 12 years of devoting my everything to the kidlets, I knew I now needed something all my own lest I find myself stalking the school yard just to be near them. Which brought me back to my first love, writing. In doing so, I discovered that we are ALL residents of Crazy Town & having the forum to vent & share allows us, occasionally, to make it past the borders of The Edge Of Reason & The Brink Of Insanity & get to a place where we feel normal & accepted…despite the bleeding eyeballs & recently acquired twitch. And of course, a huge shout out to Tammy for welcoming such insanity to grace the pages of her blog!
I am humbled & honoured to be guest posting for Tammy today! It’s always so validating to have your peers appreciate you, & it is this sense of community that has been my biggest reward for blogging! Friday’s in Crazy Town are all about the funny stuff, be it an e-mail, video, or personal story…whatever it was that brought you some laughs during those long hectic weeks, with the idea being to start the weekend off right, sharing some laughs with our friends. Tammy was kind enough to offer up her page for this week’s Friday Funny from the office of The Mayor! I thought she might appreciate the theme I chose!

I don’t even have to be a nurse to know that last one is true! Hope you all enjoyed the Friday giggles, & if you have a Friday Funny of your own that you want to share, post it & link it up in Crazy Town! Finally, a blog hop that’s not just another chore! Thanks so much to Tammy for hosting this week’s edition, & for welcoming me to her world! I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be here, & share some light hearted fun with your readers!


The Mayor!


  1. Well howdy Tammy. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm the Mayor's appointed pilot mom Jen, aka Heligirl. I'm looking forward to getting to know you as I check out your blog.

  2. As usual the Mayor brings a smile! Love it!!!

  3. Hi, Heligirl!! Pleasure is mine, I'm sure.

    Magimom ~ yes indeed!!

  4. I love Friday's! Doing the Friday Funny is kinda like Casual Fridays at work LOL! Fine, every work day is casual for me, but you know what I meant! Thnx for hosting me this week Tammy, any chance to escape Crazy Town for awhile LOL!


  5. Hi ladies! Great post Mayor:) You're right, the last one is so true - should be the nurses making the big bucks!
    Happy Friday everyone!!

  6. Bibliomama, Pamela ~ ty for visiting!! Pamela, I have someone you should speak with, lol!

  7. Thnx for dropping by everyone, & once again, a big thnx to Tammy for hosting LOL! :-D

  8. Funny as always Mayor, I love the last one. And nice to meet you Nurse!

  9. haha love this and glad to have found a new blog!