Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Terror

OK, spoiler right up front: this post has nothing to do with motherhood, family, special needs, or anything else I generally post about. If that's why you are here, dear reader, please leave before I share this terrifying tale.

OK, you're still here?? Don't say I didn't warn you!!

The summer semester started yesterday @ MSU, where I am currently working on my degree. Nothing inherently terrifying about that, you may say. Well, it is for me!! Guess what I am taking... basket weaving, beginning pottery, cooking for Dummies? While any or all of those might be helpful in improving my woefully inadequate domestic skills, those are not the class that inspires fear in the heart of grad students everywhere.

The class is PSY 527, a.k.a. Multivariate Statistics. For those of you who know something about stats, you may think this is no big deal. You are wrong!! This class is required so grad level students can compile & understand their own statistical data used for their thesis or dissertation. Guess what, we don't want to understand!! If we did, we would be math majors. That is why there are thriving companies for hire.
Anyway, I digress. The primary reason for my chest-tightening, nausea-inducing anxiety is that this will be the FOURTH time I have attempted it.
In fact, my utter lack of ability to grasp these concepts prompted me to undergo testing to see if I have a math learning disability (jury is still out on that, should know soon).

If there are any stats whizzes out there, please give me a holler!! Otherwise, see you on the other side ... hopefully.


  1. OMG - wow! That really does sound scary. Math sucks - bad... I could deal with geometry & trig, but that was the most my brain could handle. I don't understand the accounting majors out there... good luck to you! Hope you come out alive :)

  2. Manda,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence ... I think, lol. Now following your blog (sorry, thought I already was, my bad). Can I just say, LOVE the fish! I want some :(