Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Funny

The humble little accountant had his suspicion. One day he left the office early and, sure enough, at home he found a strange hat and umbrella in the hallway and sitting in the living room in the arms of another man was his wife. Wild for revenge, the husband picked up the man’s umbrella and snapped it in two across his knee.

“There!” he said. “Now I hope it rains!”

When you are done groaning, know this was not my own. I will gladly give credit where credit is due (or not):

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC Friday!!


  1. Okay, that was pretty bad, but I laughed anyways!! Thanks for the Friday morning laugh :)

  2. Sometimes those are the best kind, lol

  3. I don't get it.

    RE: my guestbook, maybe its your browser, cause its at the bottom of the center column.