Saturday, October 2, 2010

Club Rules - Aspie style

OK, I found these when emptying DD's backpack.  Funny stuff (unintentional though it may be) from a 7y/o.  Misspellings are hers. 

  1. No homework
  2. bring - snack
  3. No boys allowed
  4. We meet at 8 p.m. in the afternoon
  5. Wear your clothes
  6. Only 1 boy allowed
  7. Sleepovers are allowed
  8. Bring cookies sometimes for snak.
  9. We meet after school
  10. Bring toys
  11. Bring candy.
  12. Bring sleeping bags
  13. Bring drinks
  14. No dirty + stinky peapole allowed
  15. Only peaple 60 poands and below can be in the club
  16. No squirming at slumber partys
  17. No snoring at slumber partys
  18. Use manners
  19. Be quiet when the leaders talking
  20. Don't grab other peaples arms
  21. Don't hurt peaple
  22. Don't yell at peaple
  23. No back sass
Does anyone detect a trend...?  What rules made you LOL? My personal favorite was #5!! :)


  1. Oh that is hilarious...she sounds soooo much like my daughter. I'm totally with her on #14!

  2. Lynn,

    LOL! I tell ya, we need to get them together; it would be a hoot. :)

  3. I think #5 is a good "all the time" rule! I know a few teenagers who could benefit from a little more #5!

    I'm interested in how there is no boys allowed and then one boy will be allowed. Is it a certain boy?

    #21 is a good all the time rule too.

  4. I like them all but number 15 is my favorite, for sure! Hilarious! What's the weight thing all about?

  5. Tracie ~ Probably! LOL

    Dluvscoke ~ lol. Probably like an elevator weight limit. You know what I'm talking about, max 600lbs or whatever they say. :D

  6. 14 is definitely a must and I know plenty of adults who could use a refresher on 18-23