Saturday, May 22, 2010

A week in review

Monday: Dog to the vet, dropped $220 (dog is much better now, thanks for asking). DD had her bridging ceremony from Daisy Scouts to Brownies, followed by s'mores.

Tuesday: Pajama day @ DD's school, fun times!!

Wednesday: DD's class got to tour the lunch room @ school because they got the award for Marvelous Manners & it was show & tell (DD took rocks)!! DS for haircut. Followed this with futile attempt to get him to attempt youth group; he walked home in the rain. Ah, teens ...

Thursday: Spent most of the day taking IQ testing (serious brain drain, BTW). DD's 7th Bday!!! She got to take ice cream bars for her gen ed class, yum. She toured the school she will be attending next year with the spec ed teacher; she likes it. Went to her favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner, followed by birthday brownies & ice cream!

Friday: Date night!! Pasta for dinner, then to B&N. Listened to author Ann Boushe'y & got a signed copy of her book. She has a son on the autism spectrum; she talked about the different struggles & triumphs in his life. Followed by delicious Chai Latte' @ Starbucks. Sitter reported a good night except my little Aspie was a bit unsuccessful in cleaning her room (translation: still looks like a tornado went through it :)!!).

Saturday: DD's art lesson with Miss Andrea; they created a "Jackson Pollock", lol. Picked up DD's first piece of pottery, turned out awesome. Lunch @ McD's. To WalMart for purchase of brand new 20" bike for DD's birthday. Bike - $60, helmet - $20, training wheels - $15, ecstatic expression - priceless!!! Then horseback riding with Daisy Scouts. DD got to ride Speckles & Chris; they were "big" horses, not ponies. Big girl; she behaved & wore her helmet. Speckles was brown except for a white bottom w/brown speckles. Chris was white with brown spots, head was brown. Both were very gentle. Some little Aspie is a bit tired & cranky now ... downside of the busy days. Sigh.


  1. How fun creating a "Jackson Pollock"! He's one of my favorite artists. My oldest studied him last year in our homeschool lessons and created his own version of a Pollock masterpiece. :)

  2. I will post a pic when we bring it home on Saturday. DD has Asperger's so she pretty much says whatever she thinks; her comment regarding Pollock was "he was good, but he's dead". Pretty straightforward ... :0