Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blogging Blitzkrieg

I joined Blogging Moms (bloggingmoms.com) to get some help in getting this blog off the ground. Great site!! Have found out how to add some things. You can check out my page if you like (http://www.bloggymoms.com/tammypatrick). So, slowly but surely, this blog may be something worth looking at!!

In other news, a mom allowed her 7-8 yr old girl to bring a LIVE RABBIT into a convenience store! This prompted 2 questions: has the woman never heard of health codes & why is her child not in school?? Welcome to SWMO, as my Hoosier DH would say "Rednecks R Us", lol.

My Aspie had a good day, aside from LOTS of touching others (non-aggresive, thank the Lord)!! We started a new reward system using an iPhone app called iReward, so far, so good; stay tuned, I will post a review @ a later date. Speaking of my little Aspie, time for dreamland. Later ...


  1. Hmmmm....not sure about tha rabbit, but the child may have been homeschooled or had a docs appt.....

    Found you through bloggy moms- I'm your 2nd follower!

  2. LOL, maybe. Still a rabbit!! In.a.store!! That just rubs every nursey nerve the wrong way, lol.

  3. Maybe she got the rabbit for being good at the Docs office...
    sometimes we have to bribe our kids...LOL

  4. Elisheva,

    maybe so ... but a rabbit?? :)