Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Triumph

 I'mmmm baaaack! Did anyone miss me?? I have been out of commission for the last couple of days with a stomach bug.  I will spare your delicate sensibilities the graphic details.
Anyway, so I am feeling better and ready for this week's post of Thursday Triumph or Tantrum; this week is a triumph.  Yay!! I feel good, so let's share the love...   :)

Artist opens show at Ramapo College

Alex Kasket, a 23 year-old artist, lives in Westchester County, New Jersey. Masket is completely self-taught and has freedoms unimaginable to most other artists. He doesn't have to buy his materials or make money for rent. He isn't worried about critics or a judgmental art world. He doesn't care. Really. But he's happy to stand in the spotlight while others admire his work. On the way to a show he might say, "I am a movie star."

But this isn't some independently wealthy, self-absorbed artist in action. "I am a movie star" is actually one of the few things Alex can say. He is severely autistic and what his mother, Elaine, calls functional non-verbal. He knows maybe 50 words, by her estimate, but he mainly communicates through sounds, facial expressions and his art. Read the entire story here.

What amazing, special, one-of-a-kind thing have you encountered this week? How do you overcome challenges?  


  1. Incredible story! I'm so glad to have jumped in on your BlogFrog discussion and had the opportunity to read about this amazing young man. Wish I were closer so I could see his art in-person!

  2. Right about now, I'm wishing I lived anywhere near New Jersey! I love hearing success stories, particularly peeps with autism (and their families) finding a way to make their talents/love/perseverative behavior work for them!! One of my kidlets is autistic and its so nice to see/feel/read the encouragement. Thank goodness for the net & bloggers like you sharing! :> (I've hopped here from BF, SITS!)

  3. I know, isn't it cool. I would love to see his work also!