Saturday, September 11, 2010

Love or Hate, the choice is yours ...

As everyone knows, today is the anniversary of the terrorist attacks.  Several of you have posted your own thoughts, tribute, etc. regarding these tragic events and the aftermath.  The root issue, as always, is life or death, love or hate.  What is your choice?  Choose you this day whom (or what)you will serve ... (Josh 24:25); the Bible also says you cannot serve two masters. So for those espousing hate in the name of God, I urge you to be cautious; God is not only a God of love (Deut. 4:31), God IS love (1 Jn. 4:8).  Remember the fallen and choose well.   Warning: videos are graphic, not for young viewers.

9-11 as it happened

Because You Loved me

videos courtesy of You-Tube

What is your choice?


  1. Hate is a pointless emotion. So much of your life, including your emotional and physical health, can be wasted on hate. It's better to love and to accept things that are not in your control. Even if someone has done something really terrible to you or to someone you love, hate is never the solution.

  2. Lis ~ Thanks for visiting & the insightful comments.