Thursday, January 6, 2011

The creation of Nurse's Notes

a mom blog community

I am participating in the Blog Dare on bloggy moms.  It is a month long challenge with daily prompts.  The  prompt for day 5 is "Why did you create a blog?"  That question is easy for me.  I have always kept a journal; this is simply an on-line forum for that.  Also, I wanted to share ideas and expertise in areas I am knowledgable (i.e. healthcare, parenting, autism).

The really cool thing though, is not only have I taught, I have also learned.  I have made a lot of awesome on-line friends, learned how to improve my blog, and learned more about the myriad aspects of social media.  I think these are my favorite thing about blogging.

If you blog, why did you start your blog? What is your favorite thing about blogging.


  1. I love the relationships that come through blogging, too - it's such a great way to connect with people from all over! When I first started blogging I never thought that networking would be my favorite part.

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  2. Tanya ~ thanks for stopping by, drop in anytime!!